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  Raycop is the first UV anit-allergy vacuum cleaner that kills 99% of bacteria and eliminates almost 94% of dust mites. It is specially designed to clean beds, linens and other fabrics, helping to create a healthier home. Raycop cleans deep into household fabrics and can be used to clean mattresses, sofas, chairs, futons, crib pads, bedding, pillows and curtains.
  Raycop has been proven to deactivate the H1N1 Influenza A virus. The Japan Food Research Laboratories found that Raycop began to kill Influenza with less than two seconds of exposure.
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  All of the products in the Raycop line use a patented three-step cleaning and filtration process. First they use a vibrating pad to shake dust mites and allergens free from fabric. Then a high-quality UV-C sterilization lamp helps eliminate bacteria. Finally a powerful motor vacuums up any dust and remnants, while a HEPA filter ensures that they cannot escape back into the room.
Proven Reliable and Effective
Our products are recognized for their ability to make homes more livable for families. We have won the coveted British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, received the Korea Standards Association’s LOHAS Seal of Approval and the Korean Good Design Award.


Patented Technology
All Raycop products use a patented three-step cleaning process to eliminate dust mites, bacteria and allergens from mattresses, linens and other fabrics.
  Which Raycop is right for you?

HERA(AP-200), our newest model, is also our most ergonomic. It comes with a convenient removable control stick that helps reach those out of the way places. It is also our first model to use a cyclonic vacuum system that gives it even greater suction.




SMART(BK-200) is our original model and also our most popular. More than 400,000 families now use a Raycop SMART to make their homes cleaner and healthier. SMART is also the smallest and lightest weight vacuum in our line

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